October 20, 2009

Is There Anybody Out There?

Hello, Hello, Hello...: (just nod if you can hear me)

Hi all, how has everyone been? (No answer.) Well, its me again, up to my old tricks, blogging at work. (Can you see me? Are you still after me? I hope not, we're friends now, right?)

Looking Back: Just re-read the blog post I put up last October about "taking the next calendar year" and being a professional musician. And boy, has it worked well!

I started going to two new venues for open stage. Docksider on State Street and Creekside in Waterford. Met a great bunch of new friends and musicians who feel like I have something special, which is very cool. Playing with heart gets you a long way, apparently.

These Status Reports, Ugh: I realize that blogging every three months is pretty much useless, I email everyone, I don't know why I do this. I need to get in better habits of writing. I had/have a cool music blog that I started a few months ago but it never got off the ground because I made a format for it. Maybe I should go back to that, hell, I don't know.

Between buying this house and getting ready for music shows and packing and still working forty hours a week and cleaning the house and all that, I never really have time to do these things. Or maybe I do, who knows, geez...

August 05, 2009

Pirates vs. Nationals, Aug 3 2009

My view at the Pirates game on Monday, August 3, 2009. Beautiful way to watch a game. Why do we insist on making these seats so expensive?!?!! :)

My Political Views, circa 2009

These Change Everyday, Or Should
I took a few minutes and took a quiz to see what sort of political stance I do have with world views. I guess I'm a little more libertarian than average and a little more left than average, but that probably had to do with my open views on gay marriage. I almost BET on that.

My Political Views

I am a center-left social libertarian
Left: 2.78, Libertarian: 4.31

Political Spectrum Quiz

August 04, 2009

Not Lead, But Follow

Confidence Lost In Space
Not exactly sure why, but I don't have any self confidence for my solo guitar anymore. I'm considering shelving the lead guitar endeavors completely until I can figure out a new avenue. George Harrison basically reinvented himself from a rockabilly guitarist to a blues rock guitarist in the Beatles to a solo slide guitar player in his later years. I'm thinking I might chuck out the pentatonic scales for a brass slide for a little while. We'll see.
I went to Clancy's Pub tonight for the first time in a few weeks to 'jam' and there was only two other guys there; Rob, an older guy who can play quite a bit of things, and Chip, an aging singer who has a very loud, belting voice. We couldn't figure out what to play for the longest time, and then when we did, I just didn't know what I was doing with the soloing.
The more I 'jam', the more I realize how far down the road I'm getting with the 'singer/songwriter alone on stage' routine. Clancy's is not a place for my style any longer. I can't sing Oasis covers there. So we move on, try new things, and maybe come back when I'm feeling a little more...confident!