August 04, 2009

Not Lead, But Follow

Confidence Lost In Space
Not exactly sure why, but I don't have any self confidence for my solo guitar anymore. I'm considering shelving the lead guitar endeavors completely until I can figure out a new avenue. George Harrison basically reinvented himself from a rockabilly guitarist to a blues rock guitarist in the Beatles to a solo slide guitar player in his later years. I'm thinking I might chuck out the pentatonic scales for a brass slide for a little while. We'll see.
I went to Clancy's Pub tonight for the first time in a few weeks to 'jam' and there was only two other guys there; Rob, an older guy who can play quite a bit of things, and Chip, an aging singer who has a very loud, belting voice. We couldn't figure out what to play for the longest time, and then when we did, I just didn't know what I was doing with the soloing.
The more I 'jam', the more I realize how far down the road I'm getting with the 'singer/songwriter alone on stage' routine. Clancy's is not a place for my style any longer. I can't sing Oasis covers there. So we move on, try new things, and maybe come back when I'm feeling a little more...confident!

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